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About Us



The mission of Gardner Family Chiropractic is to connect people to themselves, to others, and to live optimally. Living optimally is expressing health, adapting to your environmental stressors and doing all the things you love to do. Your family is our family and we want to see families thriving!

Our mission is to reach people within this community and in the neighboring communities by collaborating with other service providers. This collaboration will create inter-professional bridging that will ultimately project this community into its next generation. 



The vision of Gardner Family Chiropractic is to see families connected to other families and to serve a community that is supporting those connections. This vision supports generations of optimal life... 

  • Optimal Parents = Optimal Grandparents
  • Optimal Children = Optimal Adults

Impacting our community in this way will not only connect people to each other but connect them to this community so that the future can be grounded on the connections to themselves and the connections to others. 

Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

What to expect at GFC on your First Visit...


Step One

Our first goal is to welcome you to our family and allow you and the Doctor to meet and discuss your goals in seeking chiropractic care. 

Step Two

Here you will get a specific exam based on the reason for seeking care that is safe, effective, and non-invasive. We will complete this exam so that we can understand how your nervous system is allowing you to function. 

Step Three

Schedule your Day 2 appointment where we will discuss your exam results and the Doctors recommendation for Chiropractic Care which is specific to your needs based on the reason for your visit and you exam results.